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The Armchair AKU-ViEW is a day surgery armchair adapted for ophthalmological care. It was designed in collaboration with medical professionals to provide an optimal comfort and ergonomic use.

Ergonomic headrest for ophthalmological care

  • Headrest with double articulation; positioned in a 180° amplitude.
  • U shaped cushion which welcomes and maintains the head of the patient still

Full Washable System ™ : Hygiene at its symplist

  • White ABS protective casing, with antibacterial treatment, totally removable, without tools and in record time
  • Foldable saddlery fixed with a strap
  • Foldable lying surface
  • Foldable U shaped cushion

Comfort of use

  • Arm-rest fixed at headrest level to improve gesture precision
  • Rails at each sides of the head and barriers to support surgery equipment
  • Electric motorized movements
  • Retractable sides rails underneath the lying surface for patient installation and care
  • Fixed steering handle at foot level
  • 5th directional castor increasing steering force by 50%
  • Overall Dimensions Length 1940 mm x Width 840 mm
  • Seating Dimensions 1940 mm x Width 600 mm (Thickness 8 cm)
  • Variable Height From 490 mm to 750 mm
  • Headrest Length 230 mm
  • Headrest Width 250 mm
  • Headrest Articulation +/- 90°
  • Headrest Maximum charge 35 kg
  • Trend 15°
  • Ø 200 Wheels with central bracking
  • Armchair maximum charge 240 kg
  • Telescopic IV pole
  • U shaped cushion
  • Battery
  • Oxygen bottle holder
  • Accessory holder
  • Width of lying surface 700 mm
  • Armrest for the practitioner
  • Armrest for the patient
  • Plastic protection for foot rest
  • Remote control support
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