Ambu Fusion +



  • Fully Washable System™
  • Removable ABS Protective Base
  • Removable Mattress
  • Removable Lying Surface

Comfort of use

  • Simplifies Ambulatory Healthcare
  • Steering Handles at the Foot and Head Ends
  • Retractable Side Rails
  • 5th Directional Wheel
  • Centralized Brakes at Foot and Head Ends
  • Electric Motorized Movements (Backrest, Legrest, Adjustable Height)

Patient security

  • Offers an Entirely Secure Transfer
  • Emergency Trendelenburg and CPR Position
  • Backup Battery Allowing Emergency Position During Transport (optional)
  • Overall dimensions: Length 2020 mm x Width 810 mm
  • Size of lying surface: Length 1900 mm x Width 700 mm
  • Adjustable height 525 mm to 780 mm (mattress included)
  • Trendelenburg: 15°
  • Wheels: ø 150 mm
  • Weight: 240 kg
  • Telescopic IV Pole
  • Oxygen Bottle Holder
  • Removable Dining Tray
  • Autonomy Battery
  • Lamp on Flexible Stem
  • Extra Large Lying Surface
  • Clear Plastic Protective Cover for Footrest
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