DHC Fusion+ (Mattress)


  • Removable mattress for easy cleaning and improved infection control
  • Remote control for patient access to electronic chair adjustments
  • Large durable lying surface
  • Mattress with High resiliency foam,
  • Multi-positional armrests for patient comfort
  • Hands free automatic resetting of Trendelenburg position with foot pedal
  • Robust structure built in epoxy steel
  • Reduced frictions for higher durability
  • Reliable and tested technology
  • Fully washable system® Protective casing removable quickly & easily by hand for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Mattress length: 1950mm
  • Overall length: 2200mm
  • Seat width: 620/720mm
  • Overall width: 730/830mm
  • Height (including mattress) variable from: 580/840mm
  • Wheels 150mm
  • Trendelenburg: 15%
  • Backrest: 0/85%
  • Footrest: 0/70%
  • Weight Capacity: 250kg
  • Paper roll-holder (Max 53cm)
  • Dining tray support
  • Remote control support
  • Backup battery
  • Stainless IV pole holder
  • Telescopic IV pole holder
  • Upper comfort tack room
  • Electronic adjustable footrest
  • Plastic leg rest protective cover
  • 200mm wheels with central braking
  • Wider mattress 720mm
  • Longer mattress 2100mm
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