Manchester Inn (Stackable)


Our stackable transfer chairs have folding arms, a folding footplate, a hand braking system, super smooth manoeuvrability, built in IV pole holders. We have a wide range of options available such as O2 cylinder holder, urine pouch holder, document holder, anti theft arch, safety belt, etc. We also have an extensive range of upholstery colours to choose from. Free demo and trial available now

Extra Space

  • Storage space reduced by 50% (starting from 5 chairs)

Product Advantages

  • Allows centralized localization
  • Simplifies logistics


  • Retractable Polyurethane Footrest
  • 2 completely retractable amrests, offering the possibility to sit sideways
  • Fixed extra large seat
  • 2 IV pole holders
  • Integrated luggage rack underneath the seat
  • Standard urine pouch holder


  • Multi-directional wheels


  • Emergency handbrake (manual system)

Patient Comfort

  • Soft saddlery
  • Ergonomic armrests
  • Seating height: 560 mm
  • Seating width: 440 mm
  • Overall width: 705 mm
  • Overall length: 1125 mm
  • Back Wheels: 200 
  • Front Wheels: 125 
  • Weight capacity 200 Kg
  • IV pole (Ref: 951)
  • Coin deposit slot (Ref: 954)
  • Key-slot coin deposit (Ref: 954-CLE)
  • Wall fixed coin deposit (Ref: 955)
  • Document holder for rear of chair (Ref: 958)
  • Othopaedic leg rest with support (Ref: 960)
  • Sole othopaedic leg rest support (Ref: 960-A)
  • Retractable oxygen bottle holder (Ref: 961)
  • Anti-theft roll bar and IV support (Ref: F1)
  • Anti-theft roll bar hooks (Ref: F2)
  • Non standard coating (Ref: 2028-62)
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