Méridienne 3


A larger treatment chair ideal for bariatric use and for taller patients. It’s extra wide and longer lying surface complete with ultra comfort mattress makes it very comfortable even when situated for long periods.

A larger Treatment Chair

  • A large suspended seat for optimal comfort
  • Adjustable headrest and ultra comfort mattress with viscoelastic foam
  • Bed size lying surface when in lying position

Adaptable to Every Patient

  • Multi positional armrest to suit every patient
  • Hand remote control for patient access and control of all electronic chair adjustments
  • One button automatic emergency Trendelenburg position
  • Adjustable footrest with 28cm variation
  • Electrical function for foot rest, back rest, variable height, Trendelenburg position

When strength meets durability

  • Epoxy steel structure
  • Enforced back rest
  • Chrome and stainless steel parts for increased durability

Easy to Clean and Aids Infection Control

  • Removable headrest and mattress
  • Smooth lying surface on backrest and the leg rest
  • Easy clean plastic covers on backrest and leg rest
  • Overall dimensions length. 2300 x width. 1090 mm
  • Seating dimension length. 2030 x width. 690 mm (thickness 8 cm)
  • Variable Height from 600 to 1020 mm
  • Trend 9.5°
  • Back rest 0° to 75°
  • Leg rest 0 to 30°
  • Wheels 150 mm (with central braking)
  • Weight limit 250 Kg
  • Telescopic IV pole
  • Simple IV pole
  • Battery
  • Accessory holder
  • Remote control support
  • Safety belt
  • Lunch trail
  • Lamp
  • Examination sheet holder
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