Skot Bariatric


Conceived for the transfer of heavy patients, the Skot bariatric easily bears up to 332kg. It was made and thought to ease the nursing staff’s working condition and provide a high level of safety related to the specificities of this type of patient.

High resistance and durability components

  • Large protection bumpers placed at the 4 angles
  • Reinforced structure extremely resistant to physical stress
  • Barriers folding mechanism only accessible for the nursing staff

Ease the mobility of the patient and its stretcher

  • Foldable barriers under the lying surface
  • Special heavy weight wheels Ø200mm
  • 5th directional caster
  • Radio-translucent back rest

A stretcher adapted to the patient’s size

  • Gain in autonomy thanks to an accessible wired remote for the patient
  • Heightened barriers with soft profil
  • Laterally adjustable barriers for the patient’s installation and comfort
  • Viscoelastic mattress with high density 85kg/m3 for a better mass repartition. Anti-compression mattress to prevent bed sores.
  • Overall Size: Length 2100mm x width 900mm
  • Size of lying surface: Length 1900 x width 780mm (Mattress: 8cm)
  • Adjustable Height 600mm to 930mm (Mattress Included)
  • Trendelenburg/Slope +/- 30°
    Backrest angle 0 to 72°
  • Mattress thickness 100 mm
  • Wheels 200 mm with central bracking
  • Weight Capacity 332 kg
  • Telescopic IV pole
  • Radio translucent lying surface
  • Pressure Relief Mattress
  • Easy Gliss Mattress, easier transportation
  • Rear paper roll holder
  • Dining Tray
  • Foldable steering handles
  • Lateral protection for kids
  • Ophtalmic headrest
  • Stomatologic headrest
  • 4 available colors for side rails
  • Urine bag holder
  • Accessory rail
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