Skot XXL Bariatric


With a weight limit of 330kg, the SKOT XXL is the perfect trolley for bariatric patients.

High resistance and durability components

  • Large protection bumpers
  • Reinforced structure extremely resistant to physical stress
  • Barrier folding mechanism only accessible for the nursing staff

Ease the mobility of the patient and its stretcher

  • Barriers fold away below the lying surface
  • Special heavy weight wheels Ø200mm
  • 5th directional wheel
  • Radio-translucent backrest

A stretcher adapted to the patient’s size

  • Wired remote for the patient or nursing staff to adjust the backrest and knee break
  • Heightened barriers with soft profile
  • Laterally adjustable barriers for patient access and comfort
  • Viscoelastic mattress with high density 85kg/m3 for a better mass repartition. Anti-compression mattress to prevent bed sores.
  • Overall Size: Length 2100mm x width 900mm
  • Size of lying surface: Length 1900 x width 780mm (Mattress: 8cm)
  • Adjustable Height 600mm to 930mm (Mattress Included)
  • Trendelenburg/Slope +/- 30°
    Backrest angle 0 to 72°
  • Mattress thickness 100 mm
  • Wheels 200 mm with central bracking
  • Weight Capacity 330 kg
  • Telescopic IV pole
  • Radio translucent lying surface
  • Pressure Relief Mattress
  • Easy Gliss Mattress, easier transportation
  • Rear paper roll holder
  • Dining Tray
  • Foldable steering handles
  • Lateral protection for kids
  • Ophtalmic headrest
  • Stomatologic headrest
  • 4 available colors for side rails
  • Urine bag holder
  • Accessory rail
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