Skot Power


Electrical emergency and transfer stretcher. Equipped with glideaway side rails, retractable underneath the lying surface, and our Full Washable System, for a quicker and more thorough cleaning.

Robust and easy to handle:

  • Exceptionally stable structure
  • Protection bumpers at all 4 corners
  • Directional 5th castor
  • Retractable steering handles positioned at head and feet level

The benefits of electrical technology:

  • For smoother and more precise movements
  • A three section lying surface
  • Electrical backrest, knee bending, and height variability

Comfort and security:

  • 1 master control for staff comfort and the patient security
  • 1 wired remote control for a more autonomous patient (can be disabled)

Better hygiene and time saving:

  • Anti-bacteria treated casing
  • Filth deflecting surface
  • Casing entirely removable within 10 seconds, no tools needed

Secured and simplified patient transfers:

  • Side rails retractable underneath the lying surface
  • Anti-pinching mechanism
  • Unlocking device at knee height

Comfortable and secure mattress:

  • Mattress thickness: 8 cm
  • Extra elastic cover on the upper level for the patient’s comfort
  • Anti-slip layer underneath for security
  • Zipper opening protected by an anti-infiltration deflector

Support accessories for a more versatile stretcher:

  • Integrated O2 bottle holder
  • 2 IV pole holders
  • IV poles with 2 hooks
  • Accessory holding rails
  • Overall Size: Length 2050 x width 700mm
  • Mattress Size:
    • Length 1900 x width 620mm
    • Length 1900 x width 720mm (thickness 8cm)
  • Variable Height 600mm to 920mm
  • Trend +/- 30°
  • Backrest 0 to 90°
  • Ø 200 wheels with central bracking
  • Weight Capacity 300kg
  • Telescopic IV pole
  • Pressure relief mattress
  • Easy-slide mattress
  • Rear paper-holder
  • Meal tray
  • Tray support
  • Lateral protection for kids
  • Ophthalmic headrest
  • 720 mm wide mattress
  • 4 available colors for side rails
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